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Mobile and Web Application Development

At Quite Great we offer innovative application development for all mobile, tablet, web and social media platforms, including iPhone, Android, iPad and Facebook.

Our team of developers have worked with media and brand organisations across multiple industries including The BBC and The Times. We also develop compelling applications for smaller businesses looking to come up with novel and engaging consumer application experiences.

Our knowledge of new and emerging trends and technologies means we can develop applications that ensure your brand stays ahead of the game.

Some of the apps our developers have worked on include:

1. John Bishop On Tour (iPad App and iPhone App - Rich multimedia app, download latest videos from server, twitter feeds, ticket status)

iPad -

iPhone -

2. The Times (iPad App, Newspaper, In App Purchase Implementation, Subscription Model)

3. Sun (iPad App, Newspaper, In App Purchase Implementation, Subscription Model)

4. The Best Jewish Jokes (Sqlite Database, Core Animation)

5. FutureAcoustic Apps (CoreAudio Framework, Rich multimedia App)

5.1. SoundCurtain

5.2. Whisper

5.3. Future Acoustic

6. Mobank V2.0 (NSXML, Online Buying, Banking App)

7. BMJ Apps -

7.1. Differential Diagnosis from the BMJ Group (XML based)

7.2. Student BMJ (RSS Feed, JSON, CoreGraphics, Multimedia)

7.3. OnExamination Medical Student Exam Revision Questions

7.4. OnExamination MRCP Part1 Exam Questions

8. Family Car Games (Sqlite Database, Core Animation)

9. Legal Ease (Sqlite Databse App)

10. The Twelve (Youtube Video, Animation)

11. Walking Tour Apps (CoreLocation, Multimedia)

11.1 - NYSubway Tour:

11.2 - Princeton Tour:

11.3 - Times Square:

11.4 - NYChinatown Tour:

11.5 - London Ride and Stride:

11.6 - Palace Trail London Tour:

11.7 - San Telmo Buenos Aires Tour -

11.8 - Palermo Buenos Aires Tour -

11.9 - Recoleta Buenos Aires Tour -

12. OM Mission Trips (RSS Feeds, Webkit Framework)